Here is a list of things I think EVERYBODY should watch/read/whatever, be it because it's funny or fascinating. The contents of these links range from webcomics to lightning in super slow motion.

There are 2 things that I would especially like all visitors to watch. They. Are. AMAZING!

lightning in super slow motion
The Slow Mo Guys do explosives

Favorite webcomics

XKCD highway engineer pranks
this is the first webcomic I followed
Dreamkeepers (webcomic turned graphic novel)
this is my favorite webcomic, for the detail, artwork, storyline, and endless variety of character appearance
Loading Artist
NPC Comic
Twin Dragons
Boyfriend of the Dead

Favorite YouTube channels

Smarter Every Day makes videos about all sorts of fascinating, nerdy sciency stuff
Slow Mo Guys
DUST (Sci-Fi shorts)
Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time! (REAL Swedish chefs cook with RAGE!)
Joel Haver does satire with a unique animation style
Bad Lip Reading
Jaidens Animations
Jay Smooth's theory on what happened prior to Wall-E


Bud Uglly Design web development spoof site
using humor to display a great many things web developers should NEVER DO!
Improbable Island is a browser based text adventure game where research into improbability as a force of nature has resulted in a...
possibly sapient machine...bent on world domination? Or maybe just...being weird?