I first started making chainmail after my cousin took me to a rennaisance festival, where I saw a simplified display of how chainmail was made. I've always loved all things metal, and had a fascination with medieval warfare, and so I suppose it was inevitable that I start making it.

My first project was a bracelet made out of electric fence wire, and immediately made the jump to making a shirt (not real sure whether it qualifies as a hauberk or not...). I have 2 regrets about it though: not sealing the shiny rings so they stay shiny, and not researching more, as I seem to have made the rows in the wrong direction. Hauberks were supposed to "hug" you, but mine does not.

Even so, after that, I began making necklaces and bracelets for Christmas gifts.

Much like how Crystal would love to take orders for crocheted things, I'd love to take orders for chainmail items.