I've always loved books (well, except for a few years there, thanks to the repetitiveness of the Left Behind series...) and I wanted to give a spotlight to my favorites here. I've put them more or less in the order I came across them. I WOULD put them in order of favorites, but choosing favorites has always been hard for me. They're all so good!

One of the first books I remember liking, and the only one I liked that was assigned to me in school. It's been a long, long time since then though, so I don't remember many details, and would like to get it to re-read.
Bruce Coville's Book of Nightmares
Bruce Coville made a series of anthologies I loved, the best of which was his Book of Nightmares. The main story in it was great as a kid, and it has held its value. I re-read it in recent years, and found that I still liked it very much. It also had one of the shortest, most clever, and most memorable stories I've ever read.
Bazil Broketail series
I have always loved dragons, as well as medieval weapons, and so I find it no surprise that I love this series. It follows the stories of a battledragon with a kink in his tail (hence his name) and his dragonboy, Relkin, a poor orphan.
What If
Scientific humor! The author of the first webcomic I found, XKCD, started a blog named What If, where he would take submitted questions and answer them quasi-scientifically, and proceed to take the parameters of the questions to absurd extremes. What happens if you throw a fast ball at 90% of the speed of light? Short answer: thermonuclear fusion! What happens if everyone on the planet jumps at the same time? Short answer: nothing noteworthy. How fast can you go over a speed bump and live? Short answer: depending on your tires and the bump, surprisingly fast, but air resistance might annihilate your car!
Wayward Astronomer
This novel is set in the world of my favorite webcomic/graphic novel, Dream Keepers. In this world, people take many animalistic, though generally bipedal forms, but more importantly, everyone has some kind of innate power, from creating light orbs to creating mini black holes, from changing the color of their fur, to weaponizing their hair. Wayward Astronomer follows Hal, a lizard guy with a semi-sentient tail, and the ability to see colors outside the normal visible light spectrum
Steven Brust has a series of novels that follow the exploits of the assassin Taltos, and his trusty (if telepathically mouthy) pet, Loiosh, a mini dragon called a Jhereg. In this one, he is drawn into a battle by his ego, which is to say, his friend's enemy threatens him to stay out of a war he had no intention of joining. One thing I still haven't figured out about the series, is what the "Dragaerans" look like. Are they more akin to lizard people, or elves?
Temeraire series
Set during the Napoleonic wars, but in an alternate reality where dragons exist and are trained, along with their crews, as taboo arial assault forces, the emperor of China sends a rare and valuable breed to reserved for royalty to Napoleon, but the egg is intercepted by England. The dragon, on hatching, bonds with the captain, who is then transferred to the draconic air force.
Set in the far future, where humanity finds itself at war with what amount to highly evolved giant ants. If I remember right, death row convicts are given the option to be put in nearly indestructible powersuits and sent to fight the bugs.
Sarah's Scribbles
Another webcomic that I follow, put to print, Sarah's Scribbles is for those who don't want to adult any more.
Critical Failures
This series...is not for everybody...but every chapter of the first book made me laugh so hard I cried. I only found it this last couple years, and have yet to read the sequel on account of being busy, but I really look forward to it!
Rama series
I've found Rama to be an outstanding series of books, with the strange ability to pack in a tremendous amount of story into its pages. I find that each book is so eventful, it feels like I've read 2, but without feeling rushed or lacking!
An ongoing novel about a guy who gets reincarnated as a giant ant in the magical fantasy world of Pangera, where monsters must fight to gain the resources to mutate and level up.